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Learn to write epic copy for yourself or others.

done-for-you copy

Your website, emails, sales pages, social posts, case studies, eBooks, white papers, and product descriptions aren't going to write themselves.

But you don't have time to run the business, do the business, AND do all the marketing copy too! Unless you want to do nothing BUT work, in which case... have at it. But if you want to actually ENJOY the empire you're building, it's time to hire some of this out.

Let's take 30 minutes to talk about your brand, where stuff is stacking up, and what you can start outsourcing right away.

done-with-you copy

Maybe you're not quite ready to outsource. Or you really enjoy writing your own content, but it's just not connecting with your audience. Or perhaps it's getting you tons of engagement but nobody's buying because you're stuck in the friend zone.

Either way, you could use some expert guidance on how to spice your copy up so that it connects, cultivates, and converts!

Let's nail your marketing strategy, fix the leaks in your funnel, and set you up for success!

do-it-yourself copy

You're totally new to this copywriting thing. Heck, you barely even know the difference between conversion and direct response copy, let alone a white paper from a case study.

But you're either an entrepreneur who needs to learn how to do this shit yesterday so you can crush your next launch, or you're angling to ditch the 9-5 and set up shop as a freelance copywriter asap.

Come learn which types of copy make sense for your business, how to keep your emails out of your prospects' junk folders, how to market yourself without resorting to cookie-cutter templates, how to stand out in a crowd, and how to sell without feeling spammy or using somebody else's soul-sucking scripts.

Not quite sure which route to take?

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