50+ and ready to feel fabulous again?

Age is just a state of mind!

You are NOT over the proverbial hill. In this 90-day program you will learn how to kick osteoporosis to the curb, reduce joint pain, banish bloat, drop some weight, and get back to feeling like your badass self again.

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Discouraged because your body seems to be betraying you? Feel like you're too damn young to feel this fragile? Not sure what to do about it?

it can feel overwhelming

And all those perky 20-something online fitness instructors, with their super-shredded bodies, bouncing around on social media making crazy-ass workouts look easy don't help.

It can feel complicated

Yes, your genetics, overall health, fitness level, diet, interests, and mindset all play a part in what "aging" looks like for you. But you don't need to follow a diet based on your body shape, or figure out your exact macros, or spend hours in the gym, or kiss bread goodbye.

there is a better way

In this BETA program you'll follow the four, simple principles of my signature MESH method and learn how you can: make your body stronger and leaner, skyrocket your energy, kiss pain adios, and live with more vitality.

I know what you're thinking.

Is this another one of those high-priced "secrets" that requires [insert crazy, unsustainable action here]?

OH. HELL. NO. This is a process that has kept me at the top of my game, eliminated my debilitating back pain, keeps me strong & agile, gave my insomnia the boot, and makes me less of a moody beeyatch, if you know what I mean!

I hate seeing others suffer. Or feel like this is just how it is. Nuh uh! Our golden years should be just that — GOLDEN! And they absolutely CAN be!

Hi, I'm Liisa

This is what aging can look like :)

I don't think I felt this good, this fit, this strong, this happy, this.... limitless in my twenties!

As I neared my 40s, I was a chubby, stressed-out, broke-ass single mom.

I ate pretty healthy and kinda exercised, but nothing extreme. Then, I fell into a sport I'd never even fathomed existed — and a new chapter of my life began. I tried all sorts of things to become a better athlete, to drop weight, to lean out, to recover from injury faster, to improve my endurance, boost my energy... all the rest of it.

And now, in my 50s, after years of study, getting all sorts of fitness certifications, overcoming debilitating back pain, learning how to keep arthritis at bay, coaching two national teams, and winning the world championships... without a dizzying array of medications or crazy woo woo stuff... it's time to share my method with my sisters!

What would your life be like if you FELT better on the daily?

Jump on in!

Fit, Fierce & 50+

90 days to life-changing results

Over the course of 90 days you will learn how to kick "age-related" illnesses like osteoporosis to the curb, improve stability + balance, build strength, increase energy, boost cognitive function and clarity, and get back to feeling like your badass self again.

Imagine how amazing it would feel to be doing more of what you love — whether that’s gardening, golfing, keeping up with the grandkids, or winning gold medals!

how it works

weekly lessons

Each week, you'll get a new lesson on everything from warmups to weights, nutrition to staying motivated, improving balance to creating a routine you love.

And you'll get guided workouts tailored to your unique needs, body, and goals.

A supportive community

Our private Facebook group will help you make new connections, stay on track, find accountability, learn loads of helpful tips and tricks, plus celebrate your wins along the way!

Plus I'm in there daily to answer any questions that come up for you as you go through the program.

Live coaching calls

Each week, you'll have the opportunity to jump on a live Zoom call with everyone in the program.

Here's where you can ask me questions, get 1:1 coaching, share your progress, dive deeper into the weekly lessons, and so much more.


You'll get a 30-day supply of the same award-winning, all-natural probiotic protocol I use, that will have you start feeling better from the inside out, restore your microbiome balance, reduce fatigue, release belly fat, improve your body's signaling systems, and so much more.


you also get full access to my Better Than Bootcamp monthly membership program for 3 months!

2 live group workouts each week with unlimited replays! This is an added value of $357.


Why am I running this with special pricing?

Because this is still a relatively new program, I want to make sure I give each person who registers the best service. Plus, as a founding participant, I'd like your feedback so I can make the program as strong, rich, and impactful as possible for future participants.

This will be a $1997 program next time I offer it.

But you can sign up for a limited time for just $997.

I have osteoporosis and am at risk for fracture. Can I do this program safely?

Absolutely. When you sign up we'll schedule an onboarding call and go through your history, concerns, limitations, and more to design a custom program that puts the kibosh on bone loss without putting you at risk. And if you want to run it by your doctor first, I'm all for it! In fact, I encourage it!

I want to make sure I do the exercises right. How will that work if the program is all online?

For each exercise there is a comprehensive video demonstration and written description. You can also submit video for individual feedback. Plus, you can ask questions in our private Facebook group and on our live, weekly coaching calls.

What kind of exercise equipment do I need?

If you're comfortable going to the gym, they will have everything you need. If you'll be working out at home, we can use whatever you've got there to start with, and build you a list of equipment to gather up over time. The first few weeks we'll be focusing on bodyweight exercises, so there's no need to have a lot of fancy equipment in order to get started!

How much time do I need to commit to this each week?

It depends on your goals, time, and desire for change. Generally, plan on 2-3 hours per week for lessons, including the weekly coaching call, plus 20-45 minutes for each workout.

I'm not tech savvy. What do I need for computer equipment?

A laptop computer, tablet, or even a phone can work. You'll need the Zoom app for our live calls and Facebook. Some of your resource and training guides will be sent to you as PDFs, so having Adobe Reader installed will make it easier to access.

Do I have to go on a diet?

Go ON a diet? Heck no. I don't believe in restrictive eating. Food is fuel, not a reward or a punishment. We might have to tweak your diet to make sure your unique nutritional needs are being met and keep you on track for your goals, but you won't have to go keto, or drink green shakes two times a day, give up bread forever, or anything like that.

What if I have questions along the way?

During the program, you can ask questions in the Facebook group any time, or save them for our weekly coaching calls. If you have questions about the program, let's set up a call to go over them :)

How soon will I see results?

If you follow the protocol, you will start seeing a difference in how you feel in as little as 14 days, maybe even sooner. It all depends on your starting point, your goals, and your commitment.

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