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Story-based Web & Email Copy that

Connects, Cultivates, and Converts

The words on your website either sell or repel. 

If they repel people who are not a good fit for your program, product, or service – great!

But if your words are also repelling ideal clients, that’s a big (and costly!) problem.

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Copywriting & Copyediting

Your website copy, email sequences, product descriptions, eBooks, sales funnel and more all need words. 

Words that connect with your audience, create curiosity, build relationships, cultivate trust, and inspire action.

Words that capture your unique brand. And help you stand out from the crowd.

Let's talk about your project and the impact you want to make.

Coaching & Mentoring

Hone your copywriting skills and get more clients as a solopreneur, VA, or freelancer. 

Join the FREE Words That Sell community, then give your sales page some CPR, convert crickets to clients, or dive into copy camp.

There’s a self-paced, group, or 1:1 option that’s just right for you!

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Copywriting customer testimonial saying "This was absolutely amazing and most like the important words writting in my sales career here at the bank. We'll def. do more! Thank you x MM."
Copywriting course student testimonial saying "your copy course was incredible...and had a massive impact on my copy connecting with unicords. I can still feel the impact months later!"
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Why Hire a Copywriter?

Because you have better sh!t to do!

I'm betting you didn't start this business to learn the ins and outs of advertising and become a marketing maven. Right? Nope... you are here to serve, make an impact, change lives. A copywriter can free up more of your time to do what lights you up.

You're too close to it.

You want to make sure your copy contains every last detail about your amazing product or service, but the truth is—less is more. A copywriter can step back, see the big picture, and be more objective. Knowing what to strategically keep in and what to edit out is a copywriter's specialty.

Your copy needs to do some seriously heavy lifting.

You've got a lot riding on your business, this isn't some side hustle or a hobby. And you don't have time for hit-or-miss marketing. Punt this to a professional and give yourself the best shot at landing that next launch.

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What exactly is copy anyway?

"Copy" is any type of persuasive writing that aims to get a reader to take some sort of transactional action. Most often, the goal of copy is to sell a program, product, or service – but it can also be geared to selling a concept or idea. Everything on this page is copy – because it's designed to inspire you to book a call, sign up for a course, or buy done-for-you copywriting services.

What kind of training do you need as a copywriter?

Lots and lots and lots! While there is no formal certification or degree program for copywriters, it takes years to master the craft of writing sales copy. Copywriting is a creative sales form. Really good copywriters employ a variety of literary devices, including storytelling, character development, simile and metaphor, sales tension, calls to desire, and more. Run-of-the-mill copywriters don't understand these concepts, apply sales pressure rather than tension, and pain-point marketing.

Can't AI do the job of a copywriter?

Not really. You're probably thinking you're a copywriter, of course you'd say that! But it's true! While programs like ChatGPT are incredible marketing and writing tools, that's really all they are – tools. In order to get something that sounds like your brand, that speaks directly to your ideal client, that draws from your brand stories, and protects you from legal disputes – there has to be a human involved.

There are a ton of people calling themselves copywriters out there, and a lot of them do just plug a few crappy prompts into the bot, hit 'generate' and call it done. But it's sloppy, sounds robotic, and is a dead giveaway. You want to stand out from the crowd, invest in a good copywriter.

Is there a difference between blogging and copywriting?

1000%. Blogging falls into a writing category called content writing. Content is loosely defined as anything that is primarily educational or informational in nature. An article about declining bee populations, a recipe, a how-to on basket-weaving – those are all content.

Copywriting, or more specifically conversion copywriting, is persuasive writing designed to result in a sale. The words on a company's website, in promotional emails, white papers and case studies – those are all copywriting. Same for ecommerce elements, such as sales pages, product descriptions, and digital ads. Even your LinkedIn bio and press kit are technically copy – their goal is to sell YOU as an individual to a prospective client or employer.

There are other types of writing too. SEO writers specialize in writing that's optimized for search engines like Google, to help your website rank higher in search results. Technical writers focus on things like instruction manuals, product assembly instructions, SOPs, and similar documents. Then there are also grant writers, folks in public relations, and other specializations.

Conversion copywriting is highly specialized and requires considerable skill to get you the results you're looking for. It's not a beginner sport and it's not for the feint of heart.