Your Dream Life Already Exists

You just need to find your way to it!

I'm so thankful to have you as my coach!

You are a fantastic coach — one of a kind! Your ability to tailor your methods to every individual is saying something! You make me want to work hard for you and in turn for myself. I genuinely love having you kick my butt.

~ Rosie B.

Better Than Bootcamp

Better Than Bootcamp Online Fitness Program


Or $327 for 3 months

2 LIVE fitness classes per week

Facebook Community

Daily tips and motivations

Bonus workouts and trainings

VIRTUAL Group Fitness

get your ass kicked without leaving home

Did you know that regular exercise makes you happier, more productive, helps you think clearer, and lengthens your life? Movement is a key component to actualizing your goals.

This program sets you on the path to unlocking your full potential by kicking all your neurons into gear with an early-morning class twice a week, bonus workouts to do on your own, a supportive and inspiring Facebook community to keep you motivated, and a whole lot more.

Yeah, you could just go to the gym or join a traditional bootcamp, but the classes tend to get repetitive. The same routines, the same exercises, sometimes even the same music. BLERGH!

There's a better way! Come see what you can have instead!

Find Your Beat

Find Your Beat 12-Week Program


Lifetime access + support

Vision Mapping for Success

Entrepreneur + Career Tracks

Facebook Community + LIVE Weekly Group Calls

Includes Better Than Bootcamp

discover your potential

ditch the doubt and get on the path to true happiness

You get to choose between achieving success and giving up. Yup - YOU GET to CHOOSE between grabbing hold of your dream or letting it slip away.

And there's a simple formula to success — but it requires commitment and courage. A sense of purpose and unwavering focus.

This 12-week program teaches you how to build muscle in all these areas (plus some ACTUAL muscle, bonus!) so you can not only reach for the stars but also take a ride on one!

Whether you've got a great idea for a business, want to elevate your corporate career, or even achieve an athletic goal, jump on in here and let's get you going. Life is short, don't waste another precious moment wishing for something, it's time to take action!

107 pushups in 2 minutes!

I would NEVER, and I mean NEVER, have even thought to try out for the National Team if you hadn’t made the initial suggestion, and really encouraged me to follow up. And then there is your quote that I have in a list of motivational comments I keep with me in my phone, the one that simply says “Stick out your chest and act confident!” That list includes contributions from Winston Churchill, Maya Angelou, Satchel Paige, Voltaire, C.S. Lewis, Gandhi, and my father! You are in good company.

~Lynne M.

Master Manifestor

Master Manifestor 6-Month 1:1 Program


Lifetime access + support*

Individualized Program

Weekly Coaching Call

FB Mastermind Group

Includes Better Than Bootcamp + Find Your Beat

STep into your FULL power

no more dicking around girl, it's go time!

Life's too short to not LOVE what you do every damn day. To not wake up with EXCITEMENT, or go to bed filled with gratitude and satisfaction. And while it's never too late to get started on your path to glory, the sooner you get to it, the longer you'll be able to enjoy the benefits! Tada!

Over the course of 24 weeks we'll tap into your superpower, dial in your strategy, crush imposter syndrome, reframe your limiting beliefs and success blocks, and get you fully feeling into the queen you are!

SO hit that "book a call" button over there and we'll take 30 minutes to go over the details of the program, see what it would feel like working together, and get all your questions answered.

*you keep access to all the trainings and coaching call replays via the private Facebook group, plus you'll enjoy the community support as long as you need it ... and have an opportunity to give support to others as you crush your goals!

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