Where's here, you ask?

Liisa Reimann Coaching | Surge Fitness

That's the good news :)

The bad news is... there's not much to see here yet :(

While I'm building this page out tho... maybe this will help:

Early-bird, no-frills sign-up for my 60-Day Copy Camp Beta Course

How to strengthen your copywriting through storytelling

The four buyer tendencies and how to inspire each one

Developing tension and desire in your copy, rather than sales pressure

How to write killer headlines and CTAs

Where to find prospective copywriting clients and how to pitch to them

Building a portfolio and setting your rates

Opportunities to workshop your content 1:1 and in a group setting

Bonus Facebook group opens December 1, course cohort begins January 9.

$997 USD

But only $497 if you jump in before November 27!

Level I Dragon Boat Steering Course

A 4-week online program for beginners